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Environmentally Safe and Alternative Cleaning Practice
SL Kampung
2.00pm - 2.20pm

Learn about different cleaning methods as compared to conventional methods using chemicals, especially harsh chemicals, that are potentially harmful to both user and the environment, so that the consumer can know the difference and have more informed choices as to how they clean their environment.

By Henry Yeo
3MG Marketing Services

Global Warming: its Science / its Effect and Solutions
SL Kampung
2.30pm - 2.50pm

What are the effects that climate change has on various parts of the world?
Arctic Ice melts, Sea level rises, Extreme weather conditions and so on...

If human beings continue ‘business as usual’, what are the possible dangers? 
Are there possible solutions to climate change.?

This presentation features interviews with top climate scientists, such as NASA Director and UN IPCC scientists, and showcases what scientists & environmentalists recommend as the effective solutions to climate change. Find out more also on issues such as deforestation, factory farming, food & water shortage, and world hunger.

By Mr. Low Chip Khoon
EARTH Committee
A teacher in a local school who spends most of his spare time outside his busy school work on the subject of global warming since the end of 2007.

"People are good people; they just need to be informed."

Living Foods for Youth, Vitality & Longevity!
SL Kampung
11.30am – 11.50am

Be introduced to what are Living Foods, where to find them, and how they can help you achieve more energy, radiance and a better quality of Life.

By Linda
Living Yoga

The 10Rs of True Eco Living
Enchanted Room
11.20am - 11.40am
The 3Rs - Reduce, Re-use and Recycle - help trim wastage but are not sufficient to keep our planet ecologically sound and safe for our grandkids. Building on the 3Rs, there are 7 other Rs that we can embrace that are essential in everyday life. As a student, worker, tourist or business person, we each have responsibilities to act as environmental guardians as well. This colourful slide show takes you around the world to see the 10Rs of eco living in action.

By Ms Mallika Naguran
Founder and Editor, Gaia Discovery
Managing Director, Gaia Discovery Eco Solutions

The Concept of Organic
Venue: The Marketplace (on stage)
2.00pm - 2.20pm

Want to know more about the current food trend, Organic? This talk will provide you with more exploration and understanding on organic food, organic farming, and the benefits of organic food.
Furthermore, master the skills of recognizing organic food and logos!                  

By Mr Edwin Low
United Nature

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