Celebration Highlights

10.10.10 will be a day of global doing and a day to celebrate climate solutions

Balik Kampung @ Bottle Tree Park will promise you a day of fun and excitement! Get ready to learn ways we can help to reduce CO2 emmission in this green carnival open to all ages, backgrounds and those who want to make a difference. 

Here are some Celebration Highlights with much more to come!

Reduce carbon, reduce waste
+ Garbage enzyme making workshop
+ Home composting workshop
+ Urban farming activities

Green and carbon-less eating
+ Cooking with herbs workshop
+ Multiple plant based food stalls for all taste buds

Breathe in oxygen, breathe out happiness
+ Outdoor yoga sessions
+ Nature appreciation walks

Carbon-free time with family and friends
+ Outdoor picnics
+ Movie screening
+ Adopt a family farm
+ Environmental themed carnival

Carbon-free creativity
+ Children arts session
+ Green performances

Others are working. What about US?