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Come join Linda in this 50min of “Heart Yoga” in a beautiful landscape of greenery, serene lake and awesome air on a Sunday morning!

This coming 10th October, we invite you to experience an engaging and fun session of re-connecting your body to your senses, amongst the beautiful greenery in Bottle Tree Part.  Feast your eyes on the calmness of the lake while you bend and allow oxygen to rejuvenate your cells, bring you freshness and energy. 

You will emerge light, bright and happy – just the right states to enjoy the Carnival to its full glory!

Registration will start at 8.00am and Morning Yoga will begin at 8.30am on 10 Oct 2010.
This activity is free for all and participants are to bring along their own Yoga mat

All interested participants are to pre-register with us here with the following information:

Activity: Morning Yoga
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